Lovingkindness for India

I’ve practiced yoga for over twenty years. I started when I was pregnant with my oldest child (now a young woman of 22). Yoga has gotten me through difficult times, as well as life’s daily challenges. It brings me joy, serenity, strength and enhanced physical health. Yoga also led me to become a physical therapist assistant, and without my daily meditation sessions, I would have never made it through school. I don’t believe I’m alone in this. Yoga has the ability to lift people up when they need it most. It is a meaningful, ancient practice that comes from India, a vibrant, diverse culture.

Sadly, this diverse, vibrant culture is hurting under another horrific surge of Covid-19. Even though I’ve never been to India, I find this heart wrenching. The United States is beginning to turn the corner as more people get vaccinated, and there’s even talk of things getting “back to normal.” India’s new normal is that of not enough hospital beds, oxygen, medicine, medical staff, supplies…..the list goes on and on. Yoga originated in India. And since yoga has so enriched my life, I feel that it’s time to give back to this country in their time of need.

India needs help! India needs lifting up….and they need it from us. In an article in the blog Lion’s Roar called “Help India Breathe” the author outlines ways in which we can help. The range from spiritual support, such as a Metta (Lovingkindness) practice, to ways to donate to help India. Give however you are able, either financially or with prayer, meditation or other spiritual practices. However, If you are also able to help financially, here are a few organizations that are helping with efforts in India:

  • Oxygen for India. This GoFundme campaign is trying to raise 1 million USD to deliver 3000 oxygen concentrators to India at a record cost of $350 per concentrator. 
  •  Coronavirus Relief Fund (Ketto): This portal hosts many individual fundraisers for supporting individual families in dire financial need.
  • The Mission Oxygen (accepts donations from non-Indians) initiative under this Ketto Fund was started by a group of respected Indian entrepreneurs who post regular updates on the progress of procuring concentrators for India.
  • Goonj: This respected disaster relief organization is providing essentials (includes food, supplies) for communities across India.Their initiative ‘Rahat’ was started last year. Their immediate and long-term support measures in cities and villages are addressed to families who due to paucity of resources and livelihood options were badly affected by the pandemic.

I am also excited that this weekend there is a yoga and meditation marathon via Zoom to help India with Covid relief. This marathon features yoga teachers from around the world coming together to help the country that has a place deep in all our hearts. You can donate whatever you can to participate. If this interests you, click here to register.

Wishing much peace, health and happiness to you, your friends and family! May you be happy, healthy, and free from harm.

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