“Lorie is a whiz at seeing what areas of the body need specific work or pose modifications and showing in detail how to do those. With her background in physical therapy, she combines an amazing understanding of body mechanics in general, and she has an intuitive gift of seeing right to the heart of an individual’s issue(s). She then tailors a specific yoga program to work on whatever areas of the body a client needs help with. She combines joint and muscular knowledge with poses and breathing techniques to create an individual program for whatever ails one. She is patient and calm and describes the poses in detail. I cannot recommend her highly enough for Functional Yoga Coaching”.
Functional Yoga Coaching Client
“Lorie is an intuitive, thoughtful teacher. She listens well, and adapts yoga postures and routines to a student’s individual goals and needs. Her explanations of how to do a posture or breath sequence are easy to follow. She is able to link unrelated disciplines (yoga to equestrian sports) to strengthen posture and core, and improve balance. Her manner is gentle, easy-going and kind”.
-Functional Yoga Coaching Client
“Lorie’s knowledge and skills create an effective teaching process. During my sessions with Lorie, we have pinpointed the areas of my aging body which need special attention. Combining breathing with strengthening exercises, I have benefited from Lorie’s expertise. Her soft-spoken and non-dogmatic demeanor add to the effectiveness of her teaching method. I highly recommend Lorie”.
-Therapeutic Exercise Client


“Lorie is a physical therapist assistant so her yoga class combines a unique blend of traditional Yoga with specific stretches that unlock stress and tension from muscles and joints. I highly recommend this approach for relaxation and flexibility”!
-Yoga Student