Services & Pricing

Functional Yoga Coaching

Functional Yoga Coaching (FYC) combines Physical Therapy with Yoga, and Pranayama (breathing techniques).

The first session includes review of health history, evaluation and assessment. This can reveal imbalances, weaknesses, or decreased range of motion that may contribute to chronic pain, problems with balance, anxiety, and other issues. In FYC a personalized plan of yoga, breathwork, and physical therapy exercises is created to help clients achieve their wellness goals. Most clients feel substantially better after only three sessions. FYC sessions are a full hour.

Cost per FYC session: $80

Cost for 4 FYC sessions (paid in advance): $285

Private Yoga Lessons

Lorie offers private yoga lessons for those who want to refine their yoga practice or who are new to yoga and want to learn the basics. Private Yoga Lessons are a great way to learn proper technique to make yoga more fulfilling and more comfortable. Lorie works with each client to help them find variations of postures that work best for them. These lessons vary from Function Yoga Coaching because they focus exclusively on learning how to align the body properly during yoga practice. This makes group classes or individual home practice feel right for your body. Each private yoga session lasts 45 minutes. However, please be aware that initial session may last a little longer.

Cost per Private Yoga Lesson: $65

Cost for 5 Lessons (paid in advance): $300

Sliding scale available for Functional Yoga Coaching and Private Lessons to those in need

Group Classes

Lorie teaches group yoga classes at various locations in the Denver area. Prices for classes depend on the venue. Check the Schedule page for more information.